5 Things you didn't know about mushrooms

5 Things you didn't know about mushrooms

Are mushrooms good for you? We explore the latest health trend.

Mushrooms are the Marmite of the plant world; we all know a hater. But there are so many ways to enjoy these wonderful fungi. Some are partial to mushrooms on toast, embracing all their earthy flavours, while others prefer the delightful notes provided by adding chopped mushrooms to pasta sauces.

If you don't think there's 'mushroom' in your diet for these amazing plants, check out these incredible health benefits to mushrooms and see if we can't change your mind!


1. Mushrooms can boost your immune system.

Just one of the many health benefits of mushrooms is the way that they stimulate microphages, which are the body’s first defence in the face of infection. The world is so focused on ways to improve the immune system at the moment, and putting these little fun guys in your diet is such an easy way to do so!


2. Mushrooms can lower your blood pressure.

Mushrooms are packed with potassium, which can help prevent tiredness, hypertension and even grouchiness! Considering hypertension can lead to things like strokes and heart disease, it’s important we do everything we can to avoid this. Eating mushrooms regularly can really improve your wellbeing, a fantastic bonus to them tasting so good.


3. Mushrooms are full of vitamin D.

The Sunshine Vitamin, known for its ability to fight disease and reduce low mood. Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, which we’re probably all in need of after a year of lockdowns! Vitamin D also keeps our bones strong by regulating calcium and phosphate in our bodies.


4. Lion's Mane is actually a super 'shroom!

Have you ever heard of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom? If you have, you’ll know how epic this mushroom is. For a start, it looks incredible, like a little furball. But aside from the looks, this mushroom packs serious health benefits. Recent studies suggest that eating these mushrooms could help to protect against Dementia, fight Cancer, even speed up recovery time from injuries to the nervous system! This is some serious mushroomery.


5. Mushroom beers are a thing.

That's right, beer made from mushrooms are touted to be the next big thing in the craft beer world. Brewers have turned to mushrooms for their earthy notes and rich umami qualities. Check out Fungtn for amazing non alcoholic vegan beers crafted in the UK! 


In the mood for some shrooms? Check out our Wild Mushroom Rigatoni Ragu for a healthy plant based meal. Cooked by chefs and delivered frozen to your door! 

Wild Mushroom Rigatoni Ragu


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