How To Reduce Food Waste at Home - Lettuce Begin

How To Reduce Food Waste at Home - Lettuce Begin

How to Reduce Food Waste At Home

Starting With Salad - Lettuce Begin

1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste and in developed countries like ours, this largely happens in the home.

It's time we make small changes to our everyday lives (and fridges) to help solve this global problem, there are little steps that are super easy and will be genuinely rewarding.

Ben was shocked to discuss the crazy amount of salad waste in the UK on a trip up to a farm in on!

3 Ways To Reduce Salad Waste At Home

Check out these amazing lettuces; cut straight from the field and destined for… WASTE! We were shocked to discover from a friend farming in Cambridgeshire that these were destined for the bin. This is just a tiny fraction of the crops that are wasted on one farm every day. Because they are slightly mis-cut during harvesting, a little misshapen or have black spots, they are unacceptable to the supermarket buyers.
A report from WRAP found that around 19% of all lettuce crops were left unharvested in 2015, equivalent to 38,000 tonnes of produce worth £7 million, with some farmers wasting 47% of their crop.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (sorry, couldn’t resist); lettuce and salad leaves are one of the most wasted household foods, with shoppers throwing away an unbelievable 40% of bagged salad! So here are a 3 ways you can make simple changes at home to save some of that beautiful produce going to waste:

1. Buy Whole Lettuces Not Bags

Whole heads of lettuce keep much better than bags of salad. Buy loose heads of salad from reputable grocers. It may mean a little extra effort washing and preparing, but you will save money, reduce plastic packaging and avoid soggy brown leaves going in the bin! 

2. Store Correctly

Remove any damaged leaves, wash in cold water and pat dry. Keep salad in the crisper drawer in your fridge, in a sealed zip lock bag (and don’t throw your zip lock away, as these can be washed and reused over and over again!).

3. Grow Your Own

Salad is easy to grow at home! Grab some “Cut-And-Come-Again” seeds from the garden centre and get a continual crop of interesting little leaves to make your own mixed salad. Throw in some herbs for added interest too.
A little gem of knowledge…. Check out this little guy. Chef Joe kept the root end of a shop bought lettuce, popped it in some potting compost and a few weeks later it has regrown – two for the price of one!
"This is something we are going to be talking about a lot, coming up with great ways to help you reduce food waste at home - we've focused on salad here, but to reuse an already terrible salad related pun - this is just the tip of the iceberg." 

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