Which Milk Is Right For You?

Which Milk Is Right For You?

Do you darey to cheat on dairy? 

Whether you're vegan, have problems with lactose, or just fancy a change, there are so many options for milk alternatives now! Those milk makers are getting real creative. You can make milk out of anything if you try hard enough, it seems. There are loads of articles about the nutritional information about milk alternatives, and whilst that is important, we're going to focus on taste and versatility. This is a little guide to give you an idea of just some of the non-dairy milk alternatives available and what flavours and textures they could bring to a fridge near you. Here goes... 

Soy Milk 

Also known as soya milk, this seems to be the original dairy alternative. With the closest taste to dairy milk, if you're interested in a direct replacement then this is your guy. Soy milk is made by boiling, crushing and filtering soy beans, resulting in a creamy texture. If you're after a milk alternative for your hot drinks, soy is one of the only non-dairy option which doesn't curdle in a cup of tea! 

Oat Milk

I have to admit, oat milk is definitely my personal favourite of all. Super creamy and slightly sweet, it goes great in cereal and also doesn't curdle in tea or coffee. Most of these milks come in flavour variations milk vanilla and chocolate, but something about chocolate oat milk is genuinely inspiring (this seems dramatic but I promise it's not). Made by blending oats and water and then filtering, oat milk has one of the most environmentally friendly creation processes of all milk alternatives.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is sweet, like oat and soy milk, but also brings a nuttiness that we haven't come across yet. Almond milk is really great for baking and cooking, but it's pretty diabolical in coffee, it's curdle central. This alternative comes in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, which are significantly different to each other, so it's really about personal preference. 

Hazelnut Milk

Okay, this one is a bit of a curveball. Hazelnut milk is really creamy, and really nutty. Much thicker than other alternatives, it's so yummy in everything, as long as you really like hazelnuts. A little secret from me to you, make a hot chocolate with hazelnut milk. This combination is so silky and tastes just like a particular brand of chocolate hazelnut spread, if you catch my drift! 

Rice Milk

This alternative is extremely mild, and only a tiny bit sweet. However, it's super watery. So, if you're okay with that, it's all good. Avoid putting this in hot drinks, though. Rice milk is great for people who have multiple intolerances as it's got no lactose, no soy and no nuts. But it does take a lot of water to produce, so not as environmentally friendly as other alternatives. 

Coconut Milk

Another pretty common alternative, and the best for cooking! Coconut milk is made from the flesh of a coconut, and adds a fairly distinct flavour to anything you use it in. So, you have to like coconut. But if you do, it's a really great asset to your kitchen. Also, it feels worth a mention that coconut cream is a fantastic alternative to dairy cream, and brings the best thick, creamy texture to any sauce.

Now, this list is certainly not exhaustive, as new milks are popping up all the time these days. But all have different strengths and are great in their own right. Let us know if you decide to change up your milk habits! 



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